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Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Senior Nutrition Consult

We offer 30-60 minute nutrition-fitness-stress management advice to Seniors looking to improve their wellness. This advice offers dietary advice based on food -blood chemistry compatibility. Low impact exercises-yoga-walking-lite stretching's and more.

All consults are virtual.  Present Dietary & workout routines (if any is required at consult) -give 24-72 hours for suggestions.

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Active Senior Couple
Senior Couple

Seniors -If you are asking yourself- Why should you Specialize your nutrition?
And how can it help? People who
specialize their eating to their blood chemistry experience easier weight loss- more strength & endurance- less pain & Inflammation.  Your senior years are the most important times  that you need this most. 

By eating foods that synergize with your blood chemistry.  You get better energy- improved vitality-& well-being.

Now is the time for you to invest in your health -with a affordable 7 page

specialized Nutrition report for Seniors.

All you need to do is -provide your name & blood type to learn about foods that synergize with your blood chemistry for better vitality


This is NOT a diet. Your blood chemistry is not changing any time soon. Neither should your foods.

But that won't stop you from creating easy to prepare

easy meals.

Don't want a report- request a 45 minute consult.


Included in your 7 page Seniors Specialized nutrition report will
be the basic foods you can say yes-yes -too and ditch the ones that fight with blood type & digestive system. 
Along with a few fast healthy meals
& Smoothie recipes
Improve your Nutrition for more strength & agility during your senior years.
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce
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