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Request a Food Shop
When you request a food shop- we will make dietary suggestions to help you to reach your goal.
Your will be provided with a shopping list especially designed for your blood chemistrytype -we also make food recommendations based upon any health condition you may have .

You will be provided with a
specialized shop-of foods compatible with your blood type.

We do low-glycemic shop's for Diabetic's based upon their blood chemistry-and other
specialized shops for other health conditions including weight loss-and more.,
All based upon the customers blood chemistry
Only the finest -organic products
delivered within 48-72 hrs

The Paths to Holistic Living Inc. -
Fitness-Nutrition & Stress Management Services
  help & Guidance for a Healthier Lifestyle!
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Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables
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Plant based foods & high fiber foods may be suggested on your specialized food list for your blood chemistry
We have clients who have successfully followed our dietary advice & had improvements in reducing their weight shopping our weight loss list.
Diabetes Self Management Program
When you request a shop for low glycemic foods we choose among foods that are known to be glycemic we go the extra mile to make sure they are Specialized for your blood type.
We have clients who have successfully lowered and control their blood sugars shopping with our food list.
Shop our food recommendation- or add your own

If you request a food shop your request must be paid in full before being delivered. The majority of deliveries will be made by Fresh Direct.
Please make sure Fresh Direct services your area 

Healthy Food
Plant based foods & high fiber foods may be suggested for your specialized   blood chemistry
We have clients who have successfully followed our dietary advice & had improvements in the health of their  heart shopping with list of our dietary advice.
Weight Trainer
Special Stews & Other healthy foods may be  suggested for weight gain from your       specialized   blood chemistry
We have clients who have successfully gained weight shopping with our dietary advice.
Blood pressure monitor
Low to no Salt recommendations may be suggested
on your shop list Plant based foods may also be
recommended but not necessarily so.
We have clients that have successfully used the
suggested specialized hypertensive foods along with
their doctors to improve their hypertensive conditions.

Fresh Green Dip
Aside of your food choices foods high in iron such as spinach & kale may be suggested.
We have clients who have successfully improved their anemic conditions with specialized food suggestions from us.
Aside of your specialized foods for weight loss -we may use portion control plates & bowls in conjunction with the specialized nutrition suggestion for 1.4 weight loss per week- 5 pds -or more monthly for steady weight loss

Request Your Shop

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A food shop request can be for 1 person -2 people -3 or 4 people.  A shop for 1 person is $25.00 - A shop for 2 is $50-  A shop for 3 people is $75.00 -A shop for 4 people is $100. Pick your list-check off your food items- enter your credit card information and receive -delivery date for your items via the e-mail you provide. 


Denice Blair (F.N.S.C)

 Tel: 347-825-0868

Mon-Fri. 10:00 am- 4:00pm

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