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Stressed Man

 No two occupations are alike.
Even if the job position's & title may be one & the same..

Each worker's body compostion & blood type chemistry makes a vast difference in their performance.
When you order a occupational stress personalized nutrition report.

We help you pinpoint food allergies that might be keeping you from being your best.

In certain blood types a small thing such as dairy could be do a lot of harm. When you order your personalized occupational stress report you may find food allergies you never thought you had.

Stress comes in many forms. And may make many of us reach out unknowingly to food Binge eating, compulsive eating and more.


Does the stress from your occupation cause you to spardoic eating-spontaneous eating? Let your Personalized Occupational Stress report help guide you.

Stressed Woman

Even the most Professional of us -have

Occupational stress - personalizing your foods can help to synergize and aid your metabolism during these times of great stress


Knowing what foods to avoid that your blood type may be allergic too Aids greatly in dealing with stress.

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