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Healthy Children Personalized
   Make sure your child stays healthy-              healthy starts o
n their plates


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Children Embracing in Circle
Fresh Produce
Personalized Report for Children

Parents -Your child deserves the best start in life -
a large part of it begins -with their Nutrition. Good nutrition will give them the ability to focus- think right and participate actively in life - all comes largely from their good nutrition.

If their metabolism is a bit sluggish- if they are a bit overweight 
Personalize their nutrition. They will be the better in their life time for this.

Personalized nutrition may be able to help all of the above conditions. All we need is your child's blood type and a list of foods he or she may be presently eating.

It's sad to say -but an overweight child (without dietary corrections)often becomes obese adults -with many health issues. Only you the parent can prevent this from happening-
personalize and improve their eating habits so that they can avoid the health issues of being and obese adult.


Each Childs Personalized Nutrition Report shows foods their blood type may be incompatible with recipes & food suggestions.

Obesity can be avoided.
Don't let it happen to your child.
Obese children grow up to be obese adults. 
Personalize their nutrition.

Fresh Produce
Specialized Nutrition Report for Children
Child at the Doctor's Office

Children under medical supervision  should notify their physicians before dietary changes.

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Fresh Produce
Specialized Nutrition Report for Children

 Don't love- spoil or shut your children up with food.
Especially the
wrong types of foods.
Avoid your child from growing up- & becoming obese.
If you want your child to grow up healthy-

Personalize their foods
Find out how- contact us.

Invest in their future with Good Nutrition.

Specialized Children Nutrition Report Request

The Paths to Holistic Living inc

166-05 Highland ave

Jamaica Ny 11432

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We do not diagnose or treat. Blood types can be requested from your physician before ordering your child's nutrition report. All children nutrition report is $25.00 -and will be e-mailed to the address you provide at request. Visa -Mastercards are accepted.

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