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Personalized Page Fitness Advice Report

 Getting fit or even close to it is not easy for many people. If you have a desire to get fit?

 No matter who you are- what age you are? 

Getting fit & healthy starts with diet

 & one step at a time.


  If you have the desire to -get fit-

        then contact us to learn how to develop the  inner will & determination that will help

push you there.


            Don't shrug it off-  Invest in your health by improving your fitness 

 Order & request your Personalized

                     Fitness Advice report.                     

Pilates Instructor

Resistance Training

Woman Stretching

Resistance training is something

almost anyone can do with some inexpensive light weight bands

And it can be as effective as a full gym

workout without the cortisone hike

the sweat & toil.


Once it is decided what your resistant work out level will be-

Level 1) Lite to moderately intense for beginners 2) moderately intense to Intense for intermediates 3)Intense for intermediates & adapts.

If you request to start a  45 minute fitness consult- you will be provided

with 3 resistant bands- of 3 different strengths.


You can use with these bands with the  short resistant routines that you will be provided with for light to intense toning & strengthening 3xs a week. And a one-to-one coach,

Just supply your present- height & weight when you request your  consult pay & sign up.

 As well as what your fitness goals are. Or order a Specialized fitness

reports here.


Medicine Ball Workouts

Workout with Slam Ball
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Hardly anyone talks about a medicine ball workout these days, but


Medicine ball training can not only help improve your strength and stamina but helps to tone and sculpt every inch of your body.

It has never been easier starting with a just a few reps- every other day.


There's no stirring up large amounts of cortisone- that will defeat your weight loss efforts

You will get several suggested medicine ball workouts when you order the personalized fitness report

Deep Breath -Body Toning

What's in a breath?

Much. Many people shallow or Chest breath.

With just a few instructional lessons in Deep Breathing

 learn how to breath deep into your lungs - boost -your metabolism,

With focused timed breaths

you can tone and tense your abdomen,

tightened your buttocks.

Anywhere your standing- the effects can be amazing when you combined

your specialized nutrition report.

You will get several several easy deep breathing moves you can perform anywhere without no one knowing

when you order your personalized fitness report,

Fit Woman
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Thanks for submitting!

An outline of your present fitness routine may be requested. If you have not exercised in a while-Please consult your physician before.
If you do not have any one can be created for you. Your height and weight may be requested 
for a B-M-I 
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